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First-class digital experiences offer a real competitive advantage. But they don't happen by accident. It all starts with a solid product strategy, complemented with focused vision and reliable prioritization. Together, we develop new ideas and user-centric strategies for digital products. Or – if ideas are already there – we help your company validate and develop them further.

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We take an objective approach and use user research to determine the real needs of your customers. This helps us avoid problems that arise from relying on assumptions. We not only systematically test your product in terms of usability and market acceptance, but also check the organizational and technical feasibility, along with the chances of financial success.

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We believe in well-designed digital solutions. Our team of experienced and multifaceted designers goes above and beyond to ensure that your product or business solution is easy to use, visually pleasing, and meets all user requirements. Are you eager to improve your current digital products? In our UX audits, our experts will tell you exactly how to elevate your users' experience to the next level.


For a fast time-to-market, we work in interdisciplinary teams. The design process that we implement is centered on user needs. Our developers focus on providing your company with a future-proof and low-maintenance solution. Together, we create high-quality user experiences that give your company a competitive advantage.

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AI in a Box®

Your data.

Your business.

Enhanced with AI.

About AI in a Box®

We redefine the way you integrate AI into your business.

Our cloud-based platform is designed with you in mind, offering a suite of modular and scalable Machine Learning components. These components are the foundation of our customized services, crafted to accelerate your AI journey and unlock new possibilities for your business.

The platform orchestrates everything related to AI and empowers your business to take the next step.


No need to train models from scratch – our Machine Learning components can be integrated and scaled from the shelf.


Using our Machine Learning Components, we implement Business Services that automate your processes. Select from a wide range of AI capabilities.


Your data is the most valuable good – protecting it is the top priority. All our services & integrations are at least GDPR compliant.


You can choose to integrate your business services either through an API to our AI in a Box or by running them directly on your own infrastructure.

AI in a Box® Features

Image Preprocessing & Recognition

Our AI platform offers advanced image quality assessment, comprehensive preprocessing, and recognition features. Enhance image clarity with automatic quality checks and various preprocessing operations to optimize your visuals. Utilize powerful image classification to accurately sort and identify objects, and extract descriptive attributes to enhance and expedite the user experience while improving database organization.

Text Extraction & Summarization

Our AI platform excels in extracting and summarizing text with precision and efficiency. Automatically extract text from various sources, including documents, images, and other media, ensuring accurate and swift data retrieval. Summarize lengthy content into concise and informative summaries, enabling quick understanding and saving valuable time. This feature is perfect for enhancing productivity and making information more accessible.

Document Tagging & Field Extraction

Our AI platform provides robust document tagging, field extraction, and classification capabilities. Automatically tag documents with relevant keywords and metadata for easy organization and retrieval. Extract key fields and data points from various types of documents, streamlining data entry and analysis processes. Additionally, classify documents into predefined categories for efficient sorting and management. This feature enhances productivity, accuracy, and the overall user experience.

Chat in a Box

Introducing your chatbot assistant, designed to support both internal employees and customers. Fine-tuned with your company’s data, this versatile tool retrieves information, answers questions, and can be configured to perform tasks with external systems. Enhance communication and streamline operations with our intelligent chatbot, providing timely and accurate assistance for a wide range of queries and tasks.


How can I use AI in a Box® for my business?

Our platform offers seamless integration of its business services into your systems via an API, positioning AI capabilities directly where they are most needed in your operations. For those requiring greater control over AI services, we provide the option to deploy a container directly within your infrastructure, ensuring enhanced autonomy and customization tailored to your specific requirements.

Why should I use AI in a Box® instead of ChatGPT?

Our platform is designed to take care of the complex aspects of AI for you. This includes choosing the appropriate LLM, as well as training and testing custom AI components tailored to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we ensure these services are maintained properly over time. With our extensive AI expertise, you are able to dedicate more time and resources to focusing on the growth and development of your business.

How does AI in a Box® automate my business process?

We analyze and understand your business process and identify potentials for automation. Using the right Machine Learning components we create a business service abstracts everything related to AI and can be consumed via API.

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