Online Insurance Calculator

More intuitive insurance

Quick, simple services are invaluable when it comes to insurance policies. That’s why, together with ELVIA, we’ve developed a range of modern, intuitive web applications. These digital touchpoints allow customers to reliably calculate their insurance costs and take out personalised cover online.


Lost & Found Service

Never lose your favourite items again

There’s nothing better than rediscovering a favourite item you thought was lost. Together with Lost-Tag, we’ve created a digital platform where you can register your most important belongings. A simple, anonymous process brings you together with the person who found them.


Premium Calculator Chatbot

Get in touch the personal way

Personal advice is key for customer relationships, particularly when it comes to healthcare. Together with SWICA, Ginetta and Adcubum, we’ve developed a personal chatbot that allows customers to quickly and easily decide on the coverage they want, calculate their premium and conclude a contract online.


Digital Health Platform

Supplementary health protection

When it comes to sorting through different insurance options, it’s easy to lose track. Together with AXA, we’ve developed a digital platform that provides a simple, intuitive overview of a wide range of supplementary health insurance options. Customers can put together personalised cover step by step, as well as benefiting from additional practical services.

Flawa iQ

Intelligent First-Aid Kit

Always have your first-aid at your fingertips

Each Swiss company has the obligation to provide a fully equipped first-aid kit. Together with Flawa iQ, we have engineered an innovative and intelligent first-aid kit that provides the right help at the right time. Used or outdated first-aid modules from the suitcase are being detected and replaced automatically using sensor technology. Flawa iQ enables its clients to feel safe anytime and to focus on their core business instead.


  • Adcubum
  • Aroov
  • Swisscard
  • Axa
  • Swica
  • Allianz
  • Lost Tag